CTRA Online Courses

Several CTRA courses are offered online. The following courses are offered via online learning:

  • CTR 110 Introduction to Clinical Research
  • CTR 112 Clinical Research Terminology
  • CTR 115 Clinical Research Regulations
  • CTR 130 Clinical Research Management
  • CTR 210 Introduction to Clinical Data

The above coursework plus MAT151 Statistics I and PHI 240 Introduction to Ethics (or statistics and ethics at another institution) meets the course requirements for Core Competencies certificate.

Students must meet program admission criteria and prerequisite requirements in order to take these courses. Already accepted program students are given first priority to take CTRA courses, including those provided online. A non-program student may be given special permission by the program director, on a discretionary basis, to take CTR 110 Introduction to Clinical Research if there is room in the course.

CTRA online courses meet the same learning objectives as the classroom sections but usually require additional time with outside reading and assignments to meet these objectives. To learn more about online learning and courses offered at Durham Tech, visit the Online Learning section of the website.