Enrollment Steps for Post-Baccalaureate Degree Students

Steps for visiting students with a bachelor's degree who wish to take classes at Durham Tech without pursuing another degree:

admissions-step-1.gif The state requires students to submit evidence of residency status when completing a college application. Students should use the Residency Determination Service (RDS) to complete a determination.

admissions-step-2.gif Complete the Enrollment Application (necessary to be assigned a student number.) On the CFNC Application, select the Visiting Student Post Baccalaureate choice in the drop down box. Note that these students are not eligible for financial aid.

admissions-step-3.gif Submit official transcripts from your college(s) by the following dates, for registration:

  • March 15 for summer classes
  • June 15 for fall classes
  • October 15 for spring classes

admissions-step-4.gif Select your courses, register, and pay tuition.

Important: If you are unable to submit your official transcript by the above dates, you will miss early registration. Please note that science classes fill quickly. You may still enroll if you bring an official, sealed transcript after the above dates to one of the following individuals:

Dr. Kurt Laudicina, Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center (Building 10), room 10-200

Kara Battle, Collins Building (Building 2), room 2-293

Dr. Kathy Zarilla, Collins Building (Building 2), room 2-281

Laudicina is the official advisor for post-baccalaureate students who wish to take some classes but not to pursue a degree.

Students must meet prerequisites in order to register for any courses.

Frequently sought courses

Post-baccalaureate students often request the following courses for graduate or professional school applications:

BIO 168 Anatomy and Physiology I

BIO 169 Anatomy and Physiology II

BIO 271 Pathophysiology

BIO 275 Microbiology

MAT 152 Statistics I

PSY 150 General Psychology

SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology