Excellence in Adjunct Teaching and Part-Time Service Awards

This set of awards was established to recognize the many examples of excellence inteaching demonstrated by adjunct faculty and the excellence in support services demonstrated by our part-time staff. Our adjunct faculty and part-time staff are active and valuable collaborators in Durham Tech’s mission — to enrich the lives of our students and our broader community through teaching, learning, and service. They are our valued colleagues as together, we witness the joys and wonders of student interaction and moments of success. They are our tactical partners in the difficult work of equity, progression, and completion. They inspire us with creativity, innovation, inquiry, and commitment.

2019 Award Recipients

award recipients holding plaques pose with President Ingram

Dr. Ingram, President with award recipients:
Dr. Martha Alonzo-Johnsen, Instructor, Anatomy and Physiology
Autmnn Myers, Instructor, Practical Nursing and Nurse Assistant
Dr. Benjamin Dunnington, Instructor, Chemistry
Van Miles, Instructor, Business and Entrepreneurship
Dillon Wilson, Tutor, Reading and Writing
Richard Tillies, Instructor, Information Technologies
Sarah Donovan, Instructor, English for Academic Purposes

2018 Award Recipients

Left to right:
Dr. Ingram, President; Caroline Sloan, Instructor, Chemistry; Gina Perryman, Advisor, International Students; Betty Redwood-Brown, Instructor, Culinary Arts

Left to right:
Dr. Ingram, President; Pamela Watkins, Instructor/Tutor, Accounting

Not pictured:
Barbara Rowley, Tutor, Chemistry
Allison Anderson, Instructor, English as a Second Language
Benjamin Lock, Instructor, Welding and Carpentry

2017 Award Recipients


Left to right:
Dr. Ingram; Sedrick White, Instructor, Information Technologies; Victoria Schoenfeld, Instructor, Psychology; Elizabeth McClelland, Instructor, English as a Second Language Program; and Jacquelyn Brodie, Instructor, Medical Office and Office Administration


Left to right:
Dr. Ingram; Heather Remley, Production Manager, Marketing and Communications; Dianne Affleck, Mathematics Tutor, Center for Academic Excellence


Left to right:
Pamela Krakow, Director (left) and Sandra Young, Coordinator (right) of the Nursing Assistant program present award recipient Teresa Turner, Instructor (center)

2016 Award Recipients


Left to right: Martha Sheard Farley, Mathematics Instructor; Angela Davis, Resource Specialist and Career Navigator; Margie Dietz, Information Systems Technology Instructor; Altarius Moody, Hospitality Careers Instructor; Adia Ledbetter, Music Instructor;

Not Pictured:
Dr. Jenny Kerschner, Biology Instructor
William Jackson, Respiratory Therapy Instructor

2015 Award Recipients


Left to right: Helen Coleman, Instructor of GED; Pat Neems, Instructor of English as a Second Language; Maria Steel, Program Assistant, Esthetics Technology; Kathy Beres, Instructor of Nursing; Kamara Carpenter, Instructor, Esthetics Technology

Not Pictured:
Timothy Postell, Instructor of Art
Robert Ballard, Instructor, Automotive Technology

2014 Award Recipients

Anne Pugmire, tutor in the Center for Academic Excellence
Anne Recker, instructor of English as a Second Language
Saundra Peterson, instructor of History and Humanities
Amy Pine, instructor of Developmental Reading and English
Mike Komives, instructor of Human Resources and Workforce Development
Danielle Johnson, instructor of Early Childhood Education