Faculty Make-up Testing (MUT)

The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) is pleased to offer a quiet, secure environment for students you have allowed to take a make-up test. Make-up Testing is available during CAE business hours (Mondays through Thursday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.)

To maintain a fair and secure service, please observe the following guidelines:

  1. The CAE does not provide testing accommodations. Students with disabilities who need testing accommodations should continue to make these arrangements with the Disability Services Office. Call 919-536-7208 for more information.
  2. Proctors cannot act as timekeepers. Proctors will record the time the student begins and ends a test; the instructor is responsible for establishing the consequences of exceeding the time limit and communicating them to the student.
  3. If you choose to allow a student to make up a test in the CAE, please make sure you discuss the following with your student before you bring the CAE a test:
    • The maximum time allowed to take the test (students must self-monitor),
    • The first and last date the student may take the test,
    • Materials the student is allowed to use and/or needs to bring when taking the test (the CAE will not provide scantrons, pencils, calculators, etc.),
    • Your last name and the name of the class (we may not be able to find the test if a student can’t tell us your name and/or the name of the class), and
    • The MUT Student Guidelines. Help ensure that your student is aware of our policies and her responsibilities.
  4. You must personally deliver the make-up test and completed cover sheet to Wynn 10-308 or email the test and coversheet as separate attachments to cae@durhamtech.edu. The CAE will not administer MUTs sent through campus mail, delivered by a student, delivered without a cover sheet, or accompanied by an incomplete or illegible cover sheet. Be prepared to show your faculty ID (proctors may not know all instructors by sight). We strongly encourage you to pick up the completed exam personally, but we will deliver it through campus mail. The CAE cannot guarantee test security or timeliness of delivery if you choose the latter option
  5. MUT is a test proctoring service provided in the CAE. We do not create tests, and we are not able to answer content questions for students. We will follow the directions you provide on the cover sheet exactly. Please review your expectations, deadlines, and other salient information with the student before you send her to the CAE for a make-up test.
  6. MUT is provided to instructors who choose to use it. Instructors who wish to offer make-up tests but do not want to be restricted by these guidelines are encouraged to continue working with their students in the manner they find most convenient.
  7. Make-Up Testing is for students who missed an in-class exam. The CAE will not proctor tests to whole classes or large groups. Instructors who choose to allow MUTs should have a clear policy in place and in their syllabus to limit potential abuse. The CAE reserves the right to limit an individual student or instructor’s use of the service.

Make-up Test Cover Sheet (pdf) – This form is for instructor use only. Instructors please do not email this form. Instructors must hand deliver their tests along with an individual form completed for each test to be administered.