Facility Services Projects

Newton Phase Two Renovation

Location: 1616 Cooper Street, Main Campus

Here we grow again! This project will consist of renovating the North section of Building 4, Newton. Bordeaux Construction will remove the front canopy to Newton and create a new façade along with interior renovations. Please be advised that this project will close off the front entrance to Building 4. Any entrance to Building 4 will be from the South side of the building. Parking for Building 4 will be restricted to the South side of the building Lots H & J. Lot G (west side)will be restricted to construction parking and staging area only.  There will be some noise, dust, and odor associated with this project. Students and employees who wish to request a reasonable accommodation due to this project should contact Accessibility Services (students; 919-536-7208) or Human Resources (employees; 919-536-7244). 

Start date: March 15, 2021

Estimated completion date: Sunday, August 8, 2021

Impact: No entrance to Building 4 will be allowed from the front of the building. Parking Lot G will be restricted to construction parking only. Building 4 parking will be located in Lots H & J. (See campus map attached for designated parking lots)