Facility Services Projects

Applied Technologies Building

Location: 1613 Cooper Street, Main Campus

The project will include the construction of the new Applied Technologies building. Students, employees, and visitors should be advised that there will be noise, dust, and some odors associated with this project. Security fencing will be erected around the job site in order to maintain a safe environment for the construction workers as well as our students, employees, and visitors. Pedestrian traffic from Lawson Street parking Lot F to Cooper Street (southside) of the campus will be directed to the sidewalk parallel to Building 10. Please use caution when accessing the campus from parking Lot F. Construction equipment and traffic will access the work site from Lawson Street. Students and employees who wish to request a reasonable accommodation due to this project should contact Accessibility Services (students) or Human Resources (employees).

Start date: December 9, 2019

Estimated completion date: January 16, 2021

Impact: Access to and from parking Lot F may become congested at times. Pedestrian pathway to southside of Main Campus will not be allowed during this project.