Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusion Training

Durham Tech offers equity, inclusion, and diversity training throughout the year. Course descriptions are listed below and employees must register for the training.

The Finish Line (employee)

The Finish Line Game has been helping college teams have those sometimes difficult, yet robust discussions surrounding student success and equity. Achieving the Dream’s newly enhanced version of the Finish Line Game enables teams to walk in the shoes of ten students, as they navigate their journeys through college and explore the impact of college policies, practices, biases and culture on student progress and success. I

Using a game format empowers colleges to:

  • Establish a shared understanding of the barriers to student success and equity.
  • Help participants broaden their understanding of the college's role in student success.
  • Create a relaxed environment that facilitates open, respectful conversation about challenging topics.
  • Name and discuss common myths about student success.
  • Inspire participants' creativity and engage their critical thinking skills to generate ideas and questions about institutional capacities.

Safe Zone Ally Training (employee)

The Safe Zone Ally Program is a nationwide grassroots movement on college and university campuses to create and maintain networks of allies for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) communities. The program provides training to faculty and staff who would like to be allies, creating “safe zones” where students can discuss questions or concerns in a confidential and accepting space. After Safe Zone Ally training, participants can designate themselves as a “Safe Zone Ally” with a Durham Tech Safe Zone Ally sticker on their office door.

This designation signifies the following:

  • Safe Zone Ally at training at Durham Tech is current and complete;
  • Any student with questions or concerns related to LGBTQ issues may feel welcome to talk with the trained faculty/staff in a safe and confidential space; and
  • The trained faculty/staff will have resources available to all students with any questions or concerns related to LGBTQ issues. If you’re already a trained Durham Tech Safe Zone Ally, you’re welcome to participate again to refresh your skills and resource manual. Refreshments will be served.

Sexual Misconduct Policy Training (employee)

The Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusion will host a campus-wide training to review the new Durham Tech Sexual Misconduct Policy.