Our Impact

The Durham Tech Foundation provides opportunities for donors to directly impact our students as they work hard to change the trajectory of their lives.

Marc Pons and scholarship recipient standing under a car at Chapel Hill Tire

Durham Tech is an important resource for local talent and training. Recommending Matt for a Durham Tech scholarship goes to one of our core values: treating each other like family. Helping our students succeed helps our community succeed.

MARC PONS l President, Chapel Hill Tire
Scholarship Donor

89% of graduates stay in NC, #1 in graduate wages among NC community colleges; 54% students recieve some typeof financial aid

Durham Tech students need real-world learning experiences in cutting-edge technical labs and collaborative workspaces. High-quality training and technology that mirror industry environments prepare graduates for success as tomorrow’s workforce.

Our goal is to equip students with skills, experiences, and inspiration. With your support, Durham Tech students will have resources to:

  • Pursue careers in high-demand industries
    Students will be fully skilled in fields that need workers now—through installation of a modern hybrid vehicle bay, an advanced plumbing lab, virtual welders, HVAC trainers, and more.
  • Gain experience with the latest technologies
    Students across STEM and industrial programs will access state-of-the-art software in our new integrated technology labs.
  • Collaborate with new makerspace tools
    Students will work first-hand with 3-D printers, precision lasers, computer-assisted milling machines, and other cutting-edge technology in new makerspace labs that foster innovation.
  • Develop skills needed by industry partners
    As Durham Tech develops new programs in high-growth areas with industry partners, students will graduate with ready-to-work skills for careers in industry.


Deborah Page stands under Duke Health logo

Durham Tech prepares well-trained employees who want to remain in our community to work and live. Great communities start with great community colleges.

DEBORAH PAGE | Chief HR Officer
Duke University Health System

Expand Student Support

Most students work at least one job while at Durham Tech, and many are caring for families too. Scholarships, stipends, and grants keep our future workforce in the classroom and focused on success – creating a better future for themselves, their family, and our community.

Your support for the Forge Great Futures campaign relieves financial barriers and funds experiential opportunities to help students pursue their dremas through:

  • Scholarships and awards to keep education affordable
    Help keep the rising cost of tuition, fees, and textbooks affordable. you support will help students reduce work hours and graduate faster, with fewer obstacles.
  • Stipends for work-based learning
    Provide students with resources to secure industry-specific internships in positions that would otherwise be unpaid.
  • Academic and research opportunities for high-achieving students
    Our students are contenders in local, state, and national competitions. They participate in honors and research opportunities. Private funding is essential to their ability to participate.
  • Leadership and employability skills training
    Special cohort-based leadership initiatives will engage students in their own development. Employability training will educate students in effective communications and work habits.

Student Scholarships

With the generosity of our community of supporters, more than 70 scholarship opportunities are available to Durham Tech students.

Learn more about student scholarship opportunities.

The Durham Tech Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible.