Accommodations and Locations

Steps for New Students to Obtain Accommodations

To receive accommodations, students should do the following:

1.    Submit documentation to the Disability Services office. In order to verify a disability, the student will need to submit documentation which supports the accommodations that are being requested. See the forms and documentation guidelines section for more information.

2.    Meet with a Disability Services provider. Once the documentation has been reviewed, a Disability Services provider will contact the applicant to schedule a meeting. During the meeting, the Disability Services provider will talk about the accommodation process, functional limitations, and reasonable accommodations.

3.    Prepare an Accommodation Plan. The Disability Services provider and applicant will develop an Accommodation Plan during the meeting, if the documentation supports the request and meets the documentation guidelines.

4.    Meet with instructors to discuss your Accommodation Plan.

Please note: Review of documentation can take as long as two weeks. Therefore, students should submit their documentations prior to the start of the semester to avoid a delay in receiving accommodations.

Students with Accommodation Plans on File

The student should request a new Accommodation Plan each semester. The best way to request an Accommodation Plan is to send an direct email to a Disability Services Provider or to stating the need for an Accommodation Plan for the current semester.

Other Campuses or Satellite Centers

Disability Services staff will meet with a student at any Durham Tech location. The student must call and schedule his or her appointment with a Disability Services staff member.