Award Decisions

The following factors are considered in making award decisions:

  • Availability of funds and the applicant pool – Funding is limited and can vary from semester to semester. All students who are eligible for the program may not receive an award. Awards may be less than the amount requested.

  • Academic performance and student conduct – Applicants should meet satisfactory academic progress as detailed in the Standards of Progress section of the College Catalog and/or show evidence of success with their program of study, and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct. Faculty recommendations are strongly considered and must be satisfactory at minimum.

  • Financial need – Considerations include employment status and other assistance applicants receive.

  • Current situation – Each student’s circumstances are evaluated individually. Factors also include the children’s ages and student’s class schedule.

If you withdraw from a class while receiving child care assistance:

  • Students are required to notify the Single Parent Program coordinator immediately.

  • The child care award may be adjusted.

  • The Single Parent Program may not pay for repeated classes.