College and Career Readiness Programs

Durham Tech College and Career Readiness programs focus on developing basic reading, writing, and math skills to allow students to obtain a high school credential.

Programs include:


Minors (16–17 years of age) must be withdrawn from school at least six months before being admitted into the College and Career Readiness program. A minor’s application packet must be completed and submitted to the dean for approval. Download the application packet or pick up a packet at the College and Career Readiness office, White Building (Building 1), room 1-103.

Orientation Workshops

Before enrolling, all applicants must complete a structured orientation that includes placement testing. Students are enrolled in courses based on placement test results.

Learn more about placement testing.

View the chart of Options for Students without a High School Credential (pdf).

Other Options

Durham Tech has a number of options for students who are interested in developing academic skills and have not yet earned a high school diploma. Whether you are an adult looking to improve your skills and earn a high school diploma or its equivalent, a high school student interested in dual enrollment in college-level classes, or English as a Second Language (ESL), Durham Tech is here to serve you.