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Full Name Title Email Phone Office
Gijs Sebastiaan Aarden Audivisual Technician
Information Technology Svcs
aardeng@durhamtech.edu White (Building 1)
Room 164F
Karin M. Abell Director
English As a Second Language
abellk@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x3226 White (Building 1)
Room 148H
Ghassan I. Abutouq Tutor (P/T)
Center for Academic Excellence
James W. Adams Instructor (P/T)
English As a Second Language
Oluwakemi Elizabeth Adekunle Student Assistant
Student Engagement
Sasha Jazmean Afanador College Liason - OCC
Coll Recruit & High Schl Partn
afanadors@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1414 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 309
Seyedehsamaneh Aghamiri Instructor, Sociology (P/T)
Social Sciences
Mary Ann F. Ahearne-Ray Instr, Mathematics (P/T)
Math, Engineering and Physics
Douglas F. Aitkin Director
Corporate Services
aitkind@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4303 DurhamTech atThe Chesterfield
Room 2407
Akin Akinli Tech Support Analyst
Information Technology Svcs
akinlia@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x5904 Tech (Building 9)
Room 219A
Lyndsay M. Al-Shibli Instructor, English
English and Communications
alshiblil@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8073 Phillips (Building 3)
Room 221
Emerenciana Alejo Housekeeper
alejoe@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x6205 White (Building 1)
Room 127
Danyece S. Allen Coor, Credit Course & Event
Curriculm Support & Develop
allends@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x2004 Building 6
Room 100H
Desiree Latrease Allison-Towson Coor, Market and Media Relat
Marketing & Communications
allisontowsond@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x5202 Bacon (Building 20)
Room 110A
Janet Lee Alspaugh Director, Opticianry
Opticianry Program
alspaughj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8106 White (Building 1)
Room 130A
Donna Alston Counselor, Admissions
alstond@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1122 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 201B
Eric C Anderson Instructor I (P/T)
Emergency Med Science Prog
Alison D. Anderson Instructor (P/T)
English As a Second Language
Jordan S. Andrews Instructor I (P/T)
Emergency Med Science Prog
Shanta Anthony CTR Instructor (P/T)
C T R and Med Prod Safety Prog
David Michael Anthony Law Enforcement Ext Inst P/T
Criminal Justice & Law Enforce
Oluwunmi Adekola Ariyo Assistant Director
Coll Recruit & High Schl Partn
ariyoo@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1205 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 307J
Andrea L. Arrington Instructor, History (P/T)
Humanities and Fine Arts
Timothy L Aucoin Part-time CSP Instructor
Continuing Education Programs
Robbi W. Badgett Accountant (P/T)
Finance and Admin. Svcs.
Sergio Baez-Lugo baezlugos@durhamtech.edu
Dora P Bailey Instr, Medical Term (P/T)
Office & Medical Office Admin
Susan E. Baker Librarian, Reference
bakers@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1611 ERC (Building 5)
Room 208
Janemarie M Baker Director / Instructor
Respiratory Therapy Program
bakerj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8124 Tech (Building 9)
Room 132A
Eric Baker Science Teacher
Middle College High School
bakere@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1208 Collins (Building 2)
Room 155
Ada L Baldwin Instructor, Corp Educatio
Continuing Ed & Oc Programs
Robert Lee Ballard Industrial Systems Tech Instru
Computer Integrated Mach Prog
Curtis Darrell Barbee BLET Instructor (P/T)
Criminal Justice & Law Enforce
Seth Bartee Instr, Humanities (P/T)
Humanities and Fine Arts
Nikki Sanders Barth Instructor
Massage Therapy Program
barthn@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4312 Duke St North
Room 132
Ranil K. Basnayake Instr, Mathematics (P/T)
Math, Engineering and Physics
Kara A. Battle Chief Academic Officer
Academics & Guided Career Path
battlek@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8002 Collins (Building 2)
Room 100F
Brian Callaway Baynard Instructor (P/T)
English for Academic Purp/Ce
Arielle Beamon Coor, Student Recruitment
Coll Recruit & High Schl Partn
beamona@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1414 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 307K
Carolyn J.W. Beatty Instructor
Nurse Aide Program
beattyc@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4229 Orange County Campus
Room 119D
Zachary Kent Beckstrom Instr, Mathematics (P/T)
Math, Engineering and Physics
Darnette Belin Instructor (P/T)
Biopharma/Biowork Program
Bridget K. Bell Instructor, English
English and Communications
bellb@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8013 Phillips (Building 3)
Room 212
Peyton Bell Director
Curriculm Support & Develop
bellp@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x2002 Building 6
Room 100E
Timothy Bell bellt@durhamtech.edu
Gregory Bellamy Chief Student Services Officer
Office of the President
bellamyg@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x3251 White (Building 1)
Room 103D
Ruthene S. Bellamy Instr, Non-Credit (P/T)
Nurse Aide Program
Michael E. Bellardini Police Officer
Campus Police
bellardinim@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x5500 Building 8
Luis Augusto Benavent Instructor (P/T)
Kelly Jones Benhase Tutor (P/T)
Center for Academic Excellence