Transition for Returning to Standard College Operations

The information below includes Durham Tech’s comprehensive strategies for transitioning college operations back to all campuses. This plan is subject to change based on federal, state, and local decisions and modifications to executive orders. Additional protocols for individuals visiting campus and instructional program or department-specific information will be provided to complement these strategies as well.

Overall Recommendation

The opening up of the College must be phased, modular, and tightly controlled. While each property presents unique challenges and opportunities, there must be a base level of compliance with environmental health and safety protocols.

Check-in Procedure

The College requires all individuals who come to campus complete a Check-in form to confirm that they and members in their household are free of COVID-19 symptoms. The Check-in form should be completed immediately prior to coming to campus. This form is available in both English and Spanish.More information can be found in the 2021 Spring Guidelines: Phase 3.0 for College Operations.

Face Masks

Face masks (i.e disposable mask or cloth face mask) must be worn by all individuals while on campus. The face mask must cover the nose and mouth and be secured under the chin. Individuals must wear face masks when moving within buildings or while traveling between buildings on campus.

The face shield is designed to provide eye protection, and individuals may choose to wear a shield in addition to a face mask or covering. Using both is acceptable. Using only the face shield is not acceptable.

Employees who need accommodations should consult their supervisor and Human Resources for guidance. Students should contact Accessibility Services for assistance.

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