Transition for Returning to Standard College Operations

The information below includes Durham Tech’s comprehensive strategies for transitioning college operations back to all campuses. This plan is subject to change based on federal, state, and local decisions and modifications to current stay-at-home orders. Additional protocols for individuals visiting campus and instructional program or department-specific information will be provided to complement these strategies as well.

Overall Recommendation

The opening up of the College must be phased, modular, and tightly controlled. While each property presents unique challenges and opportunities, there must be a base level of compliance with environmental health and safety protocols.

Face Coverings

Individuals (employees and students) must wear face coverings while on campus. If an individual is working alone in a private office or space, the individual may remove the face covering while alone, but must put it on again if leaving that space or if interacting with any other individual in that space.

The College encourages employees and students to utilize their own personal face cloth coverings, as these are re-usable and can be sanitized by the individual. However, if an employee or student needs or requests a face mask, the College will have supplies available at check-in.

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