WLD-3106F Welding, Tig

This course is a focus on TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding. Students are taught how to cut and prepare materials to be welded using the horizontal band saw, grinders, and electric arc plasma cutter. The safe set up and operation of the TIG welder is covered. Students will learn to strike and maintain an arc for welding multiple metals. The applications and use of tungsten and AC/DC polarity for welding steel and aluminum are covered in this course. A prerequisite of MIG, Product Fabrication, or Stick welding at Durham Tech is required to take this course.

* The following courses must be completed prior to taking this course., Completion of WLD-3106E Welding-MIG, WLD-3106G Welding, Product Fabrication, or WLD-3106H Sculptural and Metalwork, is required to take this course