Durham Tech Event Form

Review the College-Sponsored Events procedure prior to beginning this form. Community members who wish to request the President’s attendance at an event or use of a College facility should contact the Office of the President at president@durhamtech.edu.

Complete all sections of this form to submit an event notification to the appropriate College departments. The requester must receive approval from their supervisor prior to submitting an event form.

Submit requests as early as possible. The President's Office prefers at least a one (1) month notice; requests submitted with less than two (2) weeks' notice may be considered based on availability, significance, and circumstance.

For new printed collateral, Marketing and Communications must be notified at least six (6) weeks prior to the event.

If your event needs ITS or Facility Services support, please submit a work order at workorders.durhamtech.edu. A ticket number for the request is required for this event to be submitted, if applicable.

Important: If you are requesting the President's attendance and the date or time changes after submitting your request, please notify the President's Office at 919-536-7200, ext. 6003.