Retired Durham Tech instructor featured on PBS 'The Black Church’

Retired Durham Tech adjunct instructor Reginald Hildebrand was featured Tuesday, Feb. 16, during the second part of hit PBS documentary, “The Black Church: This is Our Story, This is Our Song.” 

Reginal HildebrandThe four-hour documentary series from Henry Louis Gates, Jr., explores the roots of African American religion – from African faiths to slavery, and into black churches’ roles in civil rights and the fight against social inequities. 

Hildebrand taught history at Durham Tech for about three years before retiring. He spoke in the episode about how historical figures in the Civil Rights Movement looked to other successful social justice campaigns in connecting spiritualism and political movements. 

Hildebrand, who authored The Times Were Strange and Stirring in 1995, said the interview was filmed about two years ago in New York. 

“I was completely surprised,” Hildebrand said. 

Given the COVID-19 impact on in-person worship services, a year filled with renewed calls for social justice, and a contentious political climate, Hildebrand said the timing for the documentary was particularly powerful. 

“I think the program itself is very important and I think of great interest. I hope to people, especially at this particular moment, and for me – we have not been able to worship in person for quite some time,” he said. “There’s almost a longing for nostalgia for touching base with an institution that used to be a central part of everyone’s week.” 

Prior to working at Durham Tech, Hildebrand taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for 20 years. 

Watch ‘The Black Church’ on PBS. 

Desiree Towson, M.S.: Durham Tech Communications and Public Relations Coordinator at