Student Evaluation of Curriculum Instruction

Durham Technical Community College champions learning and success, delivers outstanding teaching and service, and develops career skills for today and tomorrow.

We aim to be our community’s first choice for learning. As a great learning college, we will continue to be a model for demonstrating student success and excellence in teaching; empowering learners to enrich the local and global communities; and preparing students to contribute to the economic vitality of the region.

We are committed to a philosophy of continuous improvement by researching best practices, providing vigorous professional development opportunities, and establishing benchmarks for performance.

Regularly administering student evaluations of curriculum instruction allows Durham Tech to:

  • Communicate our vision of an appropriate, engaging, and collaborative learning environment with students;
  • Offer students opportunities to share anonymous feedback about their learning experiences;
  • Provide meaningful feedback to faculty to help guide them in setting professional development goals;
  • Identify possible course-level areas of concern (e.g., instructors’ expectation of students’ technological competence);
  • Measure program-level and general education outcomes and presentation of course-level learning outcomes;
  • Make appropriate decisions about course-level and program-level modifications;
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses of various instructional delivery modes, including the intersection of content and mode of delivery;
  • Evaluate and address concerns for preparatory courses; and
  • Meet all required accreditation standards.

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