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Workforce Development

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Workforce Development (HRD) courses provide skills assessment, employment skills training, and career development and enhancement. The courses are offered in short sessions to equip students with the knowledge, values, and practical skills essential to applying for, keeping, and advancing in their jobs.

Fees for HRD courses are waived for those who meet one of these criteria:

To register for HRD courses, complete the Registration/HRD Fee Waiver Verification Form or call more information, call 919-536-7222.

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Note: These classes are open-entry/open-exit, so you can start and attend anytime.

  • Job Seeker's Résumé and Application Labs (with KeyTrain Tutorials)
  • Job Seeker's Keytrain Lab
  • Go for the Gold! Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) and TA Proficiency Certification Test Preparation