Mission, Vision, and Values


Durham Technical Community College champions learning and success, delivers outstanding teaching and service, and develops career skills for today and tomorrow.

Vision Statement

We aim to be our community’s first choice for learning. As a great learning college, we will continue to be a model for demonstrating student success and excellence in teaching; empowering learners to enrich the local and global communities; and preparing students to contribute to the economic vitality of the region.


As a comprehensive community college serving Durham and Orange counties, Durham Tech follows the open-door with guided placement admissions philosophy to provide all students an opportunity to acquire meaningful credentials and secure living-wage employment through education and training. Offerings include post-secondary technical and occupational programs leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate; the first two years of a four-year degree; general education for personal growth; a wide variety of corporate and continuing education courses for workforce preparation and development; and college and career readiness instruction that includes an adult high school diploma program, high school equivalency preparation programs, and English language development courses.

Core Values


We value a welcoming, vibrant, and safe campus environment.


We value learning through rigorous quality instruction, focused student support, and appropriate student activities.


We value an engaging, collegial atmosphere with professional, ethical, and respectful interactions that enhance learning.


We value the unique experiences of individuals, the diversity of the community, and equitable outcomes for all students.


We value continual improvement in all areas of the college by encouraging effective innovation, appropriate use of technology, responsible stewardship of financial and human resources, and professional development for faculty and staff.


We value unity through the common purpose of serving students and the community.


We value internal and external relationships that seek to solve common challenges collectively and collaboratively.


Strategic Themes and Goals

Champion Learning, Success, Completion, and Transfer.

Goal #1:

All students will succeed.

Students will enroll, persist, progress, complete a credential, transfer, and secure living wage or better employment at equitable rates that meet or exceed regional, state, and national averages.

Goal #2:

Students will have clear pathways to success.

Students will have access to career pathways for all programs at the college. These pathways will link a student’s previous educational experience with the college’s offerings in a clear, understandable way. Using an interactive online course planning system and the support of well-trained advisors, students will receive the information needed to create a completion plan, individualize the pathway, monitor progress toward goals, experience work-based learning, connect to postsecondary transfer options, and obtain meaningful employment opportunities.

Goal #3:

Students will experience excellent, consistent teaching in a variety of learning environments.

Students will be taught by instructors who demonstrate excellence, are rewarded for great teaching, and have the professional development resources needed to sustain a great learning environment. Students will have greater options for distance learning with instructors who provide excellent online teaching and engaging learning opportunities. Students will be motivated to engage more frequently and deeply in meaningful civic and community service learning.


Provide People with Career Skills for Today and Tomorrow.

Goal #4:

Students and employers will access relevant career and technical programs.

Students will be provided with a mix of career and technical programs that lead to meaningful credentials, meet regional demands, match local and global employer expectations, encourage innovation, lead to living-wage employment, reinforce transferable skill sets, and are taught by outstanding, up-to-date faculty.

Goal #5:

Students will use career support services to excel.

Students will get early, expert help to make informed career and educational program choices. Students will receive greater levels of support as they connect, progress, and complete programs. Students will experience friendly, supportive services as they seek meaningful employment associated with the training provided by the college.

Goal #6:

Students will engage in work-based learning in all career and technical programs.

Students will participate in blended education and work experiences provided in every career and technical program (both credit and noncredit) offered by the college. Students’ work-based learning experiences will include an integrated, employer-supported local system of mentoring, internships, cooperative learning, summer work, and work-study opportunities. Students will build on the work-based learning experiences they received in secondary schools to deepen skills and obtain great jobs.


Position Durham Tech as a First Choice.

Goal #7:

Students will choose Durham Tech first because we offer a great college experience and a welcoming, safe environment.

Students and those who support them will be drawn to our college’s welcoming, accessible, safe, attractive, and engaging environment. Students will persist at the college to experience caring and challenging instruction, great customer service, seamless enrollment processes, accessible financial support services, expert advising, and engaging activities that promote diversity and global understanding.

Goal #8:

Employers will choose Durham Tech first because we are a great source of workforce training and talent.

Local, regional, and national employers will look to the college as an exceptional source of responsive, nimble, and flexible training for employees. Employers will actively recruit our graduates because they know we provide qualified, well-trained people with solid skill sets that will be applicable for today’s jobs and tomorrow’s careers. Employers will actively partner with the college, assist with curriculum refinement, provide opportunities to scale work-based learning, and advise our programs so that we will collectively sustain a relevant and modern workforce.

Goal #9:

Employees will choose Durham Tech first because we create and sustain a great college working environment.

Instructors will seek employment at the college, drawn by our reputation for excellence in teaching and learning. Staff will seek employment at the college, drawn by our reputation for innovation, our welcoming attitude, and our excellent customer and student service. Employees will stay at the college as a result of high levels of satisfaction with college infrastructure, opportunities for professional engagement and development, internal communication, interdepartmental customer service, and participation in decision making.

Goal #10:

Our community will invest in Durham Tech first because we do great, innovative things.

Our local schools, universities, support service providers, businesses, and industries will seek to partner with us to create new solutions to shared challenges. Our state, counties, alumni, national funders, and local businesses will provide us with the stable financial support we need to sustain a great college. Our reputation as a college that is willing to take bold steps, promote equitable student success, and deliver a talented workforce will resonate with significant grant funders. As a result, our partnerships, grants, gifts, and other community investments will increase dramatically.

Goal #11:

We will grow.

The college will realize an enrollment target of 6,000 annual FTE by the Fall Semester 2018 as a result of the support of a comprehensive recruitment plan, clear priorities for market growth, optimized course scheduling and sequencing, and a dynamic and pervasive marketing campaign.


Revised November 2014