Councils, Committees, and Associations

One of the College’s strategic themes is to position Durham Tech as a “first choice” for students, the broader community, and employees. We want employees to choose Durham Tech because “we create and sustain a great college working environment.” Being a successful, welcoming environment includes fostering a culture of broad participation and engagement among all employees. To support engagement, the College has adopted an infrastructure to foster collaborative and informed decision making.

The College’s infrastructure is an organizational structure governed by the Council on Committees and comprised of the Faculty Association, Staff Association, Student Government Association, and the following councils: Community Engagement Council, Leadership Council, Operations and Technology Council, Student Success Council, and Teaching and Learning Council. Each council is home to committees that support its strategic goals.

Meeting minutes are available to employees via the shared folder (W:\Employees). For upcoming meetings, please refer to the Employee Events calendar. Meetings are open to all employees and students.