Course Supply and Miscellaneous Fees

A supply fee is charged for some credit courses due to students’ use of a higher than average number of supplies. The supply fee varies, depending on the nature of the course and supplies needed. Examples of such additional expenses include instructional kits in Dental Laboratory Technology and Opticianry, tools in Automotive Systems Technology, drafting kits in Architectural Technology, scrub suits in Surgical Technology, and uniforms and stethoscopes in Respiratory Therapy and nursing programs.

Some programs require lab coats and other miscellaneous supplies. Certain health programs also require professional liability insurance. Consult the 2019-20 Student Course and Miscellaneous Fees document for a comprehensive list of student fees, identified by course.

Continuing education students pay a college access, parking, and security fee (CAPS) of $5 per course and a computer use and technology fee of $5 per course.

Students enrolled in classes that have no tuition costs are not required to pay the CAPS fee. Adult High School students do not pay a parking fee or a student ID fee.

Transcript Fee

A $5 fee is charged for each official copy of a student’s transcript. There is no charge for a student copy available through Self Service. More information about transcripts can be found in the student records section.