Readmission and Change of Academic Program

Students who previously applied to or attended Durham Tech and are returning after an extended absence of three or more semesters must re-apply to the college using the CFNC enrollment application.

Eligibility for readmission depends on individual circumstances and the requirements of the specific curriculum program. Readmission in limited-enrollment programs is offered on a space-available basis. Certain programs may also require students to complete individual readmission plans. Readmitted students must complete the admission requirements and the program’s graduation requirements in effect at the time of readmission.

Attention Applicants

As of May 1, 2017, the state requires students to submit evidence of residency status when completing a college application. Students should use the Residency Determination Service (RDS) to complete a determination.

Readmission Steps:

  1. Complete the CFNC enrollment application online. The Student Information and Records office(Wynn Center, room 1203) will require time to process the application so complete and submit it as early as possible, preferably before the enrollment due date (see Registration).
  2. Submit official transcripts from ALL institutions of higher education you have attended since your last semester at Durham Tech.

Change of Academic Program

The Change of Academic Program form (formerly called the Change of Major/Readmission form) is available online. If you require assistance, please contact the Student Information and Records office (Wynn Center, room 1203).

The above procedures can also be found in the Policies/Procedures section of the website.