Computer and Internet Assistance for Students during COVID-19

Need a computer?

Durham Tech is offering a range of options in Spring 2021 to improve student access to computers and internet during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Discounted Computers

Students may request to purchase newly refurbished computers through partner nonprofit vendors for prices between $75-$150.

There are two options for purchasing low-cost computers:

  1. Using financial aid: Students who receive financial aid will be able to purchase these computers using their financial aid refund.
  2. Paying by credit or debit card: Students who choose this option will be connected to the vendor to complete their purchase.

Loaner Laptop Program

Students may request to borrow a loaner laptop through the Durham Tech Library at no cost. Loaner laptops are available to students to check out for the entirety of the semester, and are renewable if the student is continuously enrolled in the subsequent semester.


  • Computer supply is limited. Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee that the student will receive a computer.
  • Students must be enrolled in courses during Spring 2021 in order to be eligible.
  • Only one computer per enrolled student.
  • Students who have purchased a computer through the Durham Tech Bookstore in the last year will not be eligible to purchase.

Request a computer/computer assistance

New computers can be purchased through the Durham Tech Bookstore and Financial Aid funds may be used.

Need internet?

Eligible Durham Tech students have the opportunity to purchase Wi-Fi hotspots. Hotspots cost $80, and offer high-speed, unlimited Sprint 4G LTE service for $15 per month. Students can choose to pre-load the hotspot with several months of data coverage, and may use their financial aid funds to do so.

This offer is made possible in collaboration with PCs for People. To qualify, students must meet program eligibility guidelines and must provide proof of eligibility. Complete the form to request to purchase a hotspot.

  • Learn about discount programs, including programs offering internet for as little as $10 per month.
  • Students struggling to afford internet costs or have no access to internet at this time, may request support by submitting an internet assistance request form. Staff will assist students in exploring options.

Questions about purchasing computers or requesting assistance can be emailed to Maggie West or call 919-885-4352.

Need to build your computer skills?

Durham Tech has two resources for our students to support you in building your computer skills:

  1. Digital Literacy Tutoring: The Center for Academic Excellence is offering tutoring in basic computer skills. To schedule an appointment, email or call/text 919-694-7084.
  2. Technology Awareness for the Workplace: Learn how to use the computer to locate job openings, create a résumé and cover letters, complete online applications on the internet, use social media for effective networking, and build an electronic employment portfolio. The course fee is waived for those who meet eligibility requirements. 
  3. Surviving Online Learning Environments (S.O.L.E.): Feeling nervous about learning online? Join Durham Tech’s S.O.L.E. group, designed to provide a space to share and discuss tips and strategies for succeeding and excelling in online classes. Sign up for more info here.