Steps for Enrollment and Registration into a Pathway

admissions-step-1.gifAttend a mandatory CCP Information Session.

View dates and information.

admissions-step-2.gifVerify your placement. A student has the option to meet CCP program eligibility benchmarks with either an unweighted high school GPA of a 2.8 or higher or assessment scores in English, reading, and mathematics. Use the CCP Placement Guide to verify your current eligibility status. If necessary, prepare for and complete the NC DAP Reading/English and Math placement tests. Visit the Testing Center section to learn more about preparing for the test and to see the current test schedule. Testing is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Minimum Placement Test Scores Required for Acceptance into College Transfer Pathway

NC DAP Reading/English is a combined placement test and includes three tests: Reading Comprehension, Revising/Editing, and WritePlacer, an online essay. Students must earn a composite score of 151+ to meet the criteria for enrollment

NC DAP Math is 6 modules. Students must score 7 in each module: Operations with Integers, Fractions/Decimals, Proportion/Ratios/Rates/Percent, Expressions, Linear Equations, Graphs and Equations of Lines, and Quadratic Applications.

admissions-step-3.gifComplete the verification form to confirm eligibility.

Each student is required to submit an Eligibility Verification form completed by their high school that confirms the student’s: high school grade level, GPA or assessment scores, choice of pathway, and progress toward graduation. The completed form must be signed by you, your parent and your counselor and returned to Durham Tech either by email (, by mail (Career and College Promise, Durham Technical Community College, 1637 Lawson Street, Building 10, room 307, Durham, NC 27703), or submit to the College Liaison (see Contacts web page for information about locations of College Liaisons.)

admissions-step-4.gifComplete the Durham Tech online application.

At the CCP Information Session you will receive instructions on how to apply as a CCP student. Create an account at Once you are logged in, access the CCP online application. To ensure you will be able to register on the first day of general registration for new students, submit your application by the priority registration date which is listed on the Enrollment Checklist form provided at the Information Session.

admissions-step-5.gifActivate your ConnectMail and Self-Service Accounts.

ConnectMail is your official Durham Tech student email account. You should use this account to communicate with your instructors and college staff. WebAdvisor allows you to setup access to Self-Service, your student portal. In Self-Service, you can check your test scores, view your transcript, register for classes, and review your grades. You will learn more about activating these accounts at the mandatory information session.

admissions-step-6.gifAttend an Orientation Session.

Once your eligibility is verified, you will receive a link to schedule your online orientation session (for schools where a College Liaison is located, check with your Liaison about the orientation process). 

admissions-step-7.gifRegister for courses when new student registration opens.

Enrollment due dates are listed in Step 3. The last day to register will be discussed during orientation and advising.

admissions-step-8.gifObtain your student ID and buy your books.

Student IDs are provided at the Campus Police and Public Safety office. Students are responsible for obtaining their books.

admissions-step-9.gifBegin classes!