Policies and Procedures

Durham Tech’s policies and procedures are updated according to a schedule of periodic review or in response to circumstances requiring a specific revision. During emergencies and adverse conditions, modifications may also be made in accordance with the Presidential Authority During Emergencies and Adverse Conditions policy. Policies and procedures developed as part of the College’s critical response efforts are linked from the “COVID-19 Emergency Response” menu item on the left-hand side of this page.

This page is designed to assist the College community in the development, review, and communication processes for both existing and newly proposed College policies and procedures. Durham Tech’s Board of Trustees, which serves as our governing body, has ultimate decision-making authority over policies and procedures.

Policies and procedures created or revised as a result of state or federal mandates may not follow the standard development process. There is no review requirement so mandated policies and procedures may be placed directly into the online manual by the policy and procedure coordinator. The College will be notified of mandates for informational purposes only.


Policy: A statement which addresses a required course or principle of action to be followed by the College’s employees, students, and/or visitors. Policies require approval by the Durham Tech Board of Trustees and are adopted at a public meeting.

Procedure: A detailed description of actions or instructions to be completed in a prescribed way or order. Procedures are developed, reviewed, approved, and officially adopted by the appropriate Durham Tech council. Procedures do not require approval by the Board of Trustees.

Sponsor: The individual or entity who initiates the development/revision of a policy or procedure. The sponsor is the point of contact for questions and comments during the development/revision period, including College-wide review.

Custodian: The entity responsible for a policy or procedure after approval, serving as the point of contact for questions, comments, and periodic reviews.


Policy and Procedure Process

Policy and Procedure Glossary

State Board of Community Colleges Code

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