Resources for Students with Children

parents posing with their small children

Being a student while parenting was hard enough before the COVID-19 pandemic! Durham Tech is here to support you and your families with resources on campus and in the community.

Feeling overwhelmed? Make an appointment for one-on-one support accessing resources.

Student Parent Success Network

Open to all students who are parenting

Being a student while parenting was hard enough before the COVID-19 pandemic! Join this group to stay connected to fellow student parents and:

  • Connect to resources to help manage the struggles of parenting during the pandemic, including educational tools for you and your kids, resources to keep your kids busy at home, and essentials to keep your family healthy
  • Stay in the loop about parent-specific resources on campus and in the community
  • Access a parent-specific Sakai site with detailed resources, message boards, and more
  • Be invited to participate in virtual group meetings with your fellow student parents to vent, share strategies, and support each other

Contact: Maggie West
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Single Parent Program

For students who need assistance paying for childcare

Assists Durham Tech students who are single parents in earning their degree, diploma, or certificate by offsetting some of their childcare expenses. Students choose their childcare providers and the providers are paid directly each month.

Contact: Karen Mosley-Lyon
Learn more and apply to the Single Parent Program

FNS Employment & Training Program

For current and prospective students who qualify for FNS (Food Stamps)

Provides funding for tuition in a Durham Tech credential, diploma, or degree program, along with career counseling and success coaching. Students in Orange County have access to supplemental funding to assist with other living expenses while attending school.

Learn more and apply to the FNS Program

Additional Campus Resources

Community Resources

For a more comprehensive resource database, join the Student Parent Success Network to access a Sakai site built specifically for student parents.

Child Care

Finding Child Care
Paying for Child Care

Community Support for Parents and Children