Emergency Financial Assistance

Durham Tech has two ongoing programs to support students in need of emergency financial assistance for rent, utilities, car repairs, course-related expenses, and other emergencies.

Students facing a financial emergency that threatens their ability to finish school, can apply to the following programs:

Emergency Financial Assistance Program: A one-time grant that can help eligible students with rent emergencies, past due utilities/internet, childcare expenses, or even car repairs.

Finish Line Grant: A grant of up to $1,000 per semester that assists eligible students who have completed at least 50 percent of their credit or noncredit program, providing funding to assist with unexpected housing, transportation, medical, course-related, or emergency expenses.

In addition, students who were enrolled during Spring 2020 may qualify for CARES Act funding. These funds are meant to help pay bills, obtain food, and provide for your families during these difficult times. Review the eligibility requirements and complete the online application form.

Community Resources

Orange County

Emergency Financial Assistance
Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing Resources

Durham County

Emergency Financial Assistance
Emergency Shelter Resources
  • Contact Entry Point Durham for intake by phone in order to access shelter at Urban Ministries of Durham or Families Moving Forward. For more information, call 984-287-8309.
  • Durham Rescue Mission is currently accepting new check-ins between 12-5 p.m., seven days per week. Prospective clients will go through enhanced screening. For more information, call 919-688-9641.

Tenants Rights and Eviction Prevention

Durham Tech is hosting monthly Eviction Prevention Workshops in partnership with Legal Aid of NC. Participants have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one appointment with an attorney after the presentation. Services offered in English and Spanish. View upcoming workshop dates and sign up.

For questions about eviction or to secure legal representation, contact Legal Aid of North Carolina at 866-219-5262 or, locally Legal Aid of Durham at 919-688-6396 ext. 4540. The sooner you contact Legal Aid attorneys, the more likely they will be able to help keep you in your home. The City of Durham Eviction Diversion Program is a partnership between Legal Aid of North Carolina and the Duke Civil Justice Clinic to provide legal representation to low-wealth and low-income residents and families who are facing eviction. Attorneys have successfully assisted people in the small claims and district court process, filing appeal paperwork, and navigating the landlord-tenant relationship.

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