NelNet Tuition Plan Frequently Asked Questions

What is NelNet?

NelNet is a student loan servicer. Learn more.

If I enroll in a Continuing Education (noncredit) class, can I sign up for a NelNet payment plan?

No. At this time, NelNet payment plans are only an option for Curriculum (CU) students.

I have completed my FASFA, but I do not see any financial aid activity on Self Service? Should I apply for a NelNet payment plan?

Contact the Financial Aid Office (Wynn Center, room 10-210) to determine your current award status before signing up for a NelNet payment plan.

If I have anticipated/pending financial aid, can I sign up for a NelNet payment plan?

No. Do not sign up for a NelNet payment plan. Your anticipated/pending financial aid will secure your class seats in your current semester classes. If you do not have enough anticipated/pending financial aid to cover your current semester balance, please visit the Business Office (White Building, room 1-159).

Can I sign up for a NelNet payment plan if I have a past due balance with Durham Tech?

Yes, but your new NelNet payment plan will only include your current semester balance. Your past due balance with the college from a previous semester MUST be paid in full before you register for any future semesters.

Can I sign up for a NelNet payment plan if I have a past due balance with NelNet?

No. Any balances currently owed to NelNet for previous payment plans are required to be paid in full prior to opening a new payment plan.

I already signed up for a NelNet payment plan for the current semester, and I added/dropped a class. Will my scheduled payments be adjusted?

Yes, but it may take up to seven (7) business days to reflect your new balance on your current payment plan.

My balance has changed in Self Service and shows that I do not owe any more money. I still have a balance on my NelNet payment plan website though. Should I stop making my scheduled payments with NelNet?

No. Self Service may not accurately reflect the balance due on your NelNet payment plan website. All scheduled payments on your NelNet payment plan must be paid regardless of a zero or credited balance on Self Service. Durham Tech will refund any overpayments made to NelNet before the end of the current semester.

I received an email from NelNet stating my payment did not process. What does this mean?

NelNet will contact students if they have any issues processing a recent payment (i.e. an incorrect bank account number was entered, bank accounts on file with NelNet have been closed, or a bank account does not have sufficient funds). Please contact NelNet Customer Service at 1-800-609-8056 to discuss your unprocessed payment.

Important: Students are required to pay all scheduled payments on their NelNet payment plan

For more information about NelNet Tuition Payment Plans, contact the Durham Tech Business Office at 919-536-7200 ext. 1006 or stop by the Business Office in the White Building, room 1-159.