Program Overview

Law Enforcement Extension Training

A Basic Law Enforcement Training instructor stands in uniform with a neon yellow police vest on while looking out over a road training course with orange cones.
The Law Enforcement Extension Program offers classes to area law enforcement officers. These classes provide re-certification for current skills and opportunities to enhance an officer's skills in new areas. The program offers many specialized classes based upon requests and the needs of the law enforcement agencies we serve.

Sworn Law Enforcement Officers are exempt from tuition fees for occupational extension classes offered by the Law Enforcement Extension Program. Members of law enforcement agencies who do not have arrest authority will be required to pay tuition fees. Due to the nature of the information provided in these classes most are not open to persons not currently employed in the Criminal Justice field.

Registration is required for all classes. Use the Public Safety Registration form for course registration and payment. Fax it to 919-536-7236 or send a scan of the form to Donna Matheson.