Compensatory Time Off 



Policy/Operational Procedure Name:

Compensatory Time Off


Kathy McKinley
Executive Director, Human Resources


Human Resources

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Fall 2017





Policy Statement

Durham Technical Community College will offer non-exempt employees at the college compensatory time at the rate of one and half times for every hour worked over 40 hours in a scheduled work week.




  • Time off with pay in lieu of overtime pay for irregular or occasional overtime work, or

  • When permitted under agency flexible work schedule programs, time off with pay in lieu of overtime pay for regularly scheduled or irregular or occasional overtime work.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires state and local government agencies to compensate eligible employees for overtime hours worked with compensatory time off. The FLSA allows the use of compensatory time off in place of overtime pay for all non-exempt public sector employers. The rate is one and a half times for every hour worked over 40 productive hours in a scheduled work week (Monday thru Sunday). In September 1985, the college adopted a plan for full-time and continuing part-time non-exempt employees utilizing a compensatory time off approach. Specific guidelines and procedures for requesting compensatory time off must be followed. All overtime must be approved by the supervisor in the department and flex-time should also be offered to reduce overtime when appropriate. Prior approval for flex-time should also be approved by the supervisor. All compensatory time should be used within a one year period of the time it was given. Any unused compensatory time at the time of separation will be paid out to the employee.