Employee Credentialing 



Policy/Operational Procedure Name:

Employee Credentialing


C. Suzi Jaikaran
Coordinator, Human Resources


Human Resources

Effective Date(s):

November 1, 2016; September 29, 2017 (revision)

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SACSCOC Comprehensive Standards 3.7.1, 3.8.3, and 3.9.3


Policy Statement



To ensure that employees are qualified to perform their job functions, Durham Technical Community College (Durham Tech) requires that all appropriate credentials be verified within the first sixty (60) days of employment for full-time employees, and within the first thirty (30) days of employment for part-time employees. Failure to provide satisfactory verification of education and experience claimed on the application can result in the following:

  • Extension of the probationary period;

  • Reduction in salary to the level for which official verification has been provided; or

  • Initiation of termination of employment procedures immediately or upon expiration of the probationary period

Current employees who are promoted, being considered for a status change or pay increase, or moving into a coordination or supervisory role must provide updated/additional credentials (e.g., transcript for new degree) to support transition into that role within sixty (60) days of the status change if requested to do so. Current employees who accept interim positions and new temporary full-time employees will not be required to provide credentials until a permanent offer is made.


Upon selection or status change recommendation, employees will be notified by Human Resources of credentials needed and the time frame for submission. Acceptable verification of academic credentials is an official transcript bearing the institution's official seal delivered to Human Resources or provided directly from a verified transcript service. Credentials that cannot be verified via an official transcript due to circumstances beyond the employee’s control (e.g., the awarding institution’s policies or practices) must be confirmed via a letter on official letterhead bearing the institution’s official raised seal delivered to Human Resources. The letter should include the pertinent details that would be included in an official transcript. Human Resources will forward the letter to the appropriate vice president or assistant vice present for approval.

Any requested licenses or certifications can be delivered to Human Resources in person or via email. It is the responsibility of the employee to submit any requested licenses and/or certifications, as well as any updated licenses and/or certifications received during his/her employment with the college.

Any and all work experience used to qualify a new employee must be verified. Acceptable verification of work experience is that which is supplied to Human Resources from the verifying agency/employer using either a work verification form sent to the employer or via information supplied on the Verification of Prior Work Experience form. The choice of verification method is made by the supervisor.

The following credentials typically require official verification and documentation and should be listed on the Employee Credentials Request and Approval form (available via the Employees shared folder or by request from Human Resources) except in the case of interim and temporary assignments:

  • Minimum education and work experience requirements which are listed on the job description and advertised during the recruitment process;

  • Additional education and work experience that was pivotal in the individual’s selection for employment or status change over other candidates;

  • Any certifications, licenses, or other competencies requested on the Employee Credentials Request and Approval form;

  • Unique experience and demonstrated competence that have been substituted for advanced academic preparation;

  • Any records which document prior State service for longevity or annual leave calculations or to transfer accumulated sick leave; and

  • Any additional education, skills, or credentials obtained while employed at Durham Tech which may qualify the employee for a pay increase.

Unofficial transcripts of grade reports are accepted from employees as required documentation of completing educational leave. However, whenever credits obtained qualify the employee for a pay increase, an official transcript is required for the employee's personnel file.

Once all required credentials have been received or the submission deadline has passed, Human Resources will provide the employee’s supervisor with a status update. New employees with incomplete credential documentation will be subject to an extended probationary period or termination at the president’s discretion. Current employees who are under consideration for a status change but fail to provide required credentials may be subject to salary reduction to the level for which official verification has been provided or dismissal. The appropriate action will be determined by the employee’s supervisor in collaboration with Human Resources. If all credentials have been collected, the supervisor will review the employee’s credentials using the Employee Credentials Request and Approval form.

Credentials will also be reviewed by the appropriate vice president or assistant vice president, who will be responsible for final approval. During the review and approval process, the vice president or assistant vice president can consider other documentation such as a record of scholarly publications and professional achievement evidenced by certificates, awards, and letters from former employers or colleagues.

Upon approval, the Employee Credentials Request and Approval form and the credentials will be forwarded to Human Resources where they will be maintained in the credentials folder within the employee’s personnel file.

Credential status will be discussed with each employee during the annual performance review process. Any updated credentials (e.g., renewed licensure or certifications, documentation of special training) will be reviewed and verified at that time and forwarded to Human Resources.


Official transcript – A transcript prepared and sealed by the issuing institution on its official letterhead with an original signature of an institution official. Official transcripts may also be prepared, sealed, and delivered by a verified transcript service.