Recruiting and Hiring Employees


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Policy/Operational Procedure Name:

Recruiting and Hiring Employees


Kathy McKinley
Executive Director, Human Resources


Human Resources

Effective Date(s):

November 1, 2015

Next Review Date:

Fall 2017



1C SBCCC 200, 300.96/300.97/300.99


Policy Statement



Full-Time Hiring Procedure

  1. To initiate the recruiting and hiring process, the supervisor prepares the personnel request packet, including:

    • A completed Personnel Request form (available on the HR form website).

    • An updated job description using the template approved by the Human Resources department.

    • An impact statement (position justification) for new positions only (Note: change from part time to full time is a new position).

    • A suggested list of at least five individuals, who have been approved by their immediate supervisor, to serve on the interview committee.

  2. The supervisor forwards the complete packet to the next level of supervision. The Personnel Request packet must be approved at each supervisory level, including final approval from the president before further action is taken to fill the vacancy.

  3. Once approved, the president forwards request to the Human Resources department. The Human Resources department notifies the supervisor initiating the request that the request has been approved and initiates advertising and recruitment efforts. The Human Resources director consults with the hiring manager to determine the length of time the position will be advertised. Postings for positions that are advertised as "Open until filled" will include an initial review date. All necessary information relevant to the position is entered into the applicant tracking system

  4. The direct supervisor of the position to be filled typically chairs the interview committee. The interview chair consults the college’s Employment Guide and the instruction manual for People Admin to establish the interview committee and interview procedures. The interview chair must clear all interview committee members’ participation with the committee members’ immediate supervisor prior to naming them in PeopleAdmin.

  5. The Human Resources applicant tracking system (People Admin) processes all incoming applications

  6. Committee members review applications of all qualified applicants after the initial review takes place.

  7. Upon completion of all interviews, the committee chair reviews the ranking scores of applicants to determine finalists. The committee chair, in consultation with the selection committee, sends a list of finalists to the director of Human Resources to conduct reference checks.

  8. Once a finalist is chosen, HR forwards that person’s application and supporting documentation to the division head. At his/her discretion, the division head may conduct an interview with the recommended candidate.

  9. If the division head endorses the candidate, s/he forwards the recommendation and supporting documents to the president’s office. At the division head’s discretion, s/he may also interview other applicants whom the committee interviewed for the position. In this case, the division head consults with the supervisor, the Human Resources director, and the other interview committee members, as appropriate, to identify other qualified candidates in the pool. The division head also delineates the reasons for disagreement with the initial recommendation and includes a statement of rationale with other materials assembled during the selection process.

  10. The Human Resources director and/or the Affirmative Action officer review the selection process. If the Human Resources director and/or the Affirmative Action officer have questions about the selection process, they will consult with the division head or others involved in the process in an attempt to resolve those questions. If those questions are not resolved, there may be a recommendation made back to the interview committee or the division head for additional consideration; the position may be posted or advertised again; or other action the officer deems necessary may be taken to ensure the college has followed internal policies and appropriate statutes.

  11. The president considers the recommendation and acts on it accordingly.

  12. The position is considered filled once an offer is extended and the college receives notification from the candidate of its acceptance. After notification of acceptance is received, the human resources coordinator contacts the new employee to discuss issues relevant to the on-boarding process. The Human Resources coordinator notifies the committee chair, the supervisor, and the division head that the college’s offer has been accepted and shares the starting date of the new employee.

  13. The Human Resources department sends letters from the Human Resources director to all other candidates in the applicant pool to indicate that the position has been filled. The Human Resources director or the committee chair will communicate with all internal candidates who have applied for any position at the college who did not meet the minimum qualifications or were not offered the position prior to notification being sent to them.

No employee is authorized to commit Durham Technical Community College to an employment arrangement or to inform an applicant of an employment recommendation without the president’s prior and specific approval. In the event the president so authorizes another employee to offer employment, the Human Resources department must be notified in writing of the details of the authorized offer. The president is the final authority in all personnel recommendations.

Part-Time Employee Hiring Procedures

  1. The college maintains a pool of applicants for part-time faculty and staff positions. These positions are advertised continually or upon request to maintain the pool.

  2. To recruit and hire part-time employees using data from the applicant pool, the department head

    • Reviews resumes from the applicant pool and selects applicants for interviews.

    • Completes the Authorization for Hourly Non-Instructional Staff or Hourly Instructor Form for approval.

  3. It is the department head’s responsibility at the time of hire to have the Required Credentials form completed by the candidate and returned to Human Resources. It is the department head’s responsibility to complete the form. Human Resources contacts the employee on the date of hire to notify them of missing credentials. Hourly positions have 30 days to submit these credentials.

  4. To complete the hiring procedures for part-time employees:

    • Department head, or designee, directs the applicant to the Human Resources department to complete the application and all new hire paperwork. The department head, or designee, is responsible for seeing that the required IT forms are signed by the new hire.

    • The new hire will submit all additional required documentation of credentials and/or work history to the Human Resources department within 30 days of the employee’s start date. The hiring supervisor makes sure the new-hire knows that a paycheck will not be processed until all documentation has been submitted.

    • Each requested position needs a required credentials form from the hiring supervisor.

Exceptions to this procedure may be granted only by the Human Resources director in consultation with the appropriate division head.

Position Status Changes and/or Appointments Procedures

Position changes may include a change in annual hours, pay class, rate of pay, and position title change.

  1. All status changes must be approved by the president of the college via the appropriate division head. A memorandum with explanation to support this change should be directed to the president of the college with the division head’s approval.

  2. If approved, HR will be notified of the appropriate change(s).

  3. For promotions, an offer letter will be sent by the president of college to the employee with their new title, salary, and effective date. The employee will send an acceptance letter back to the president and Human Resources, which will generate a new contract for the employee. Human Resources will request any additional paperwork needed from the employee and/or supervisor, if needed.

  4. Background checks and two external phone references will be conducted for all part-time employees moving to FT status.

Appointment Procedures

Per 1C SBCCC 300.96, selection of personnel is the responsibility of the trustees upon the recommendation of the president. The president has the authority at any time to appoint employees into new positions. In exceptional circumstances, the president has the authority to waive any or all of the steps outlined in this procedure and make a direct appointment to fill a vacant position.

All “interim” appointment recommendations by a department must be forwarded, with division head approval, to the president’s office for final approval. The president will appoint a stipend amount for any additional duties to be performed in the interim role.


Fully qualified – persons who demonstrate that they meet or exceed the minimum qualifications in knowledge, skills, experience, and academic or professional preparation to carry out the responsibilities of their position with the college.