Secondary Employment



Policy/Operational Procedure Name:

Secondary Employment


Kathy McKinley
Executive Director, Human Resources


Human Resources

Effective Date:

July 1, 2015

Next Review Date:

July 1, 2017



25 NCAC 01C.0701


Policy Statement

The employment responsibilities to the state are primary for any full-time Durham Tech employee; any other employment in which that person chooses to engage is secondary. An employee shall have approval from the president before engaging in any secondary employment. The purpose of this approval process is to ensure that secondary employment does not have an adverse effect on the primary employment and does not create a conflict of interest.


College Responsibility

Secondary employment shall not be permitted when it would:

  • Create either directly or indirectly a conflict of interest with the primary employment;

  • Impair in any way the employee’s ability to perform all expected duties, to make decisions, and carry out in an objective fashion the responsibilities of his/her position; and/or

  • Impact or create any possibility of conflict with college operations.

Employees shall have approval of the president, or designee, before beginning any secondary employment. Approval of secondary employment may be withdrawn at any time if it is determined that secondary employment has an adverse impact on primary employment.

Employee Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the employee to complete a Secondary Employment Form for all secondary employment. The employee must update the form annually and document changes as they occur. Failure to notify Human Resources of changes may result in disciplinary action.

All new hires will complete a Secondary Employment Form as part of the on-boarding process.