Employee Identification and Keys 



Policy/Operational Procedure Name:

Employee Identification and Keys


Dawn Tevepaugh
Director/Chief, Campus Police and Public Safety


Campus Police and Public Safety

Effective Date(s):

April 2017

Next Review Date:







Policy Statement



All full-time and part-time Durham Tech employees are required to have with them at all times a college-issued photo identification/key card made by Campus Police and Public Safety. Faculty and staff should wear their identification/key card at all times while on duty. Employees who lose their card should report it to Campus Police and Public Safety immediately and have a new one made.

New employees must obtain their campus ID/key Card in the Campus Police and Public Safety office in Building 8 on Main Campus by submitting proof of employment. This step provides access to faculty/staff lounges and mailrooms. A Key/Keyless Entry Request form must be completed for any additional access. The form is to be completed and routed through the employee’s department leadership as appropriate, and then to the Director/Chief, Campus Police and Public Safety. This should be done as soon as possible, preferably on the first day of employment. Cards will be produced Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For keyless entry requests, access will be added to the employee’s key card once the request has been approved by the employee’s supervisor. If a key(s) is requested on the form, the requestor will pick up the key(s) from the Campus Police and Public Safety office once notified that it is ready for pick-up. The employee will sign the Key Issue form to confirm receipt of the key. If a key(s) or key card is lost, stolen, or damaged, the employee must notify his/her department leadership immediately and ensure a Lost, Stolen, or Broken Key or ID Card form is submitted to the Director/Chief, Campus Police and Public Safety as soon as possible. Employees are responsible for their keys and key cards and may be charged for replacement and rekeying costs if a key or key card must be replaced and/or a door must be rekeyed due to employee negligence. Employees will not be charged for damage due to normal wear and tear. The following charges apply:

Identification/key card (first replacement card is free)

General office access key








Keys and key cards are college property and employees are not allowed to reproduce them. Doing so is a violation of college policy and may result in termination. Upon separation from the college, employees must return all keys and key cards. This should be done through an employee’s supervisor to the Director/Chief, Campus Police and Public Safety. If the key(s) and/or key card are not returned, the employee or the employee’s immediate supervisor may be held financially responsible for the key, key card, and re-keying costs. Keys and key cards are not to be passed on to another employee.

Departmental Keys

“Departmental keys” refers to any keys that are the property of college departments, such as file cabinet and desk keys that were not issued by Campus Police and Public Safety.

Employees are responsible for safeguarding these departmental keys and for returning them to their immediate supervisor upon separation from the college or when changing positions from one department to another.

Requests for new or additional departmental keys must be submitted using the Key/Keyless Entry Request form. Key and re-keying costs for these keys will be billed to the requesting department. Departmental keys are not to be passed on to another employee.


For the purposes of this policy, employee negligence may include irresponsible behavior such as:

  • Leaving keys and/or key cards unattended in common spaces, making them vulnerable to loss/theft

  • Leaving keys hanging in a door, making them vulnerable to loss/theft

  • Using an item such as a hammer to straighten out a bent key, causing it to break

  • Allowing students to use employee keys to open classroom doors or offices outside of an employee’s presence

  • Allowing other employees or students to use key cards not assigned to them

  • Exposing key cards to elements and/or conditions that may lead to damage